Aanvang: 22.10 uur
Podium: Rabobank Mainstage

If The Netherlands had a ‘Sunshine State’ it would be the utterly romantic provence of Limburg, known for its florid views, carnivalesque gatherings, and Afterpartees.

Originating from Horst aan de Maas, and driven by their love for energetic 70s punk and heartbreaking powerpop, this band wandered through their country with Iggy Pop, T-Rex and King Tuff blasting from the van’s crooked speakers.

On stage, Afterpartees gamble all their chips, and cross all boundaries, real and imagined. They’ve toured with fellow Dutch musicians traumahelikopter, and played renowned Dutch festivals such as Best Kept Secret, Pinkpop, Into The Great Wide Open and Lowlands.

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      Stichting EGOpop 
      p/a Notarisappel 6
      5988 EV  Helden

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  • Festival Locatie

    De Horsten
    5987 AS Egchel